Vikings: War of Clans is an MMO strategy game that has taken over the planet! Join millions of players from all around the globe and fight for power against worthy opponents!

These harsh lands raise up true Vikings, ones who can survive all the hardships of warrior life and win glorious victories! Are you ready to rush into this bitter confrontation and gain the prized title of Konung of the Kingdom? A true warrior has but one answer: "Let the battle begin!"

Seize your chance to build a great Town that will make all approaching enemies tremble in fear! Create a mighty army by training the strongest infantrymen, killers, cavalry, ranged and siege troops, as ahead of you lie battles with other Jarls, struggles for the Place of Power, fights with fierce Invaders and the massive Kingdoms Battle — and let all result in your victory and your opponents' defeat! Don't forget about allies — join a powerful Clan or create your own: in your hour of need, loyal friends will lend a helping hand!

This universe of mighty warriors, bitter frost and savage struggle needs new heroes! Embrace your inner Viking and capture the riches of the North that are yours by right!

Additional Details

Company Plarium
Release Date January 16, 2017

System Requirements

Internet Connection Required
Online Multiplayer Strategy


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